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  • Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana. Ph. D., Post-Doc. (USA),


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  • Dr. Nanda Kisore Misra, M.Sc., D.I.I.T., Ph.D.

    Associate Professor and Head of Department

  • Dr. Tapabrata Bhaduri. M.A., Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Bijon Biswas, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor and Head of the Department

1st Semester (Hons. & Gen.) (Class Code: olejnwb ) 


2nd Semester (Hons. & Gen.) (Class Code: olejnwb ) 

Acid Rain (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

Ozone Hole (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

Plastic Pollution (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

Soil Pollution (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

Sound Pollution (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

Water Pollution (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

Wealth and Energy (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

কতকগুলো মানব সভ্যতার বিপর্য্যয় ও পরিবেশের ওপর তাদেরপ্রভাব (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

ভূ-তাপীয় ও জোয়ার ভাটার শক্তি (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

সম্পদ ও শক্তি – বায়ুশক্তি ও বায়ো গ্যস (Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana)

3rd Semester (Hons. & Gen.) (Class Code: olejnwb ) 


4th Semester (Hons. & Gen.) (Class Code: olejnwb ) 


5th Semester (Hons. & Gen.) (Class Code: olejnwb ) 


6th Semester (Hons. & Gen.) (Class Code: olejnwb ) 




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The college has a Career Counseling Cell sponsored by the UGC

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The college has a central library that housed learning resources like about 21000 text books


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