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The department of Commerce commenced its operation in the academic year 1970-71 with General Course and the department started imparting Honours course in the academic year 1971-72. From the session 2017-18, the department, as per the regulation of the University of Calcutta has started the CBC System. The department is run by two full time teachers and three Govt. Approved Part time Teachers. The result of the department is the university exam is commendable with several successful students of the department now placed in several sectors of gainful employment. The department has two ICT enabled classes and all the teachers take classes with the help of PowerPoint and other ICT enabled means. The healthy teacher-student relationship is the hallmark of the department.

  • Dr. Subhankar Chakraborty. M.Com., M.Phil., ICWAI (Inter), Ph.D.

    Associate Professor and Head of the Department

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  • Prof. Prasanta Saha. M.Com.

    Associate Professor

  • Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw. M.Com.

    State Aided College Teacher I

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  • Prof. Amitava Ghosh. M.C.A., C.F.A., Web Page Developing & Designing (Diploma), Multimedia (Diploma)

    State Aided College Teacher II

1st Semester:

Business Law Essential elements and classifciation of contract (Gen.)(Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Offer and Acceptance Bengali (Dr. Subhankar Chakraborty)

2nd Semester:

E-Commerce (Prof. Amitava Ghosh)

Company Law (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Process Costing (Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw)

Contract Costing (Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw)

Inter Process Profit (Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw)

Material Costing (Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw)

Business Communication Unit1 (Gen.) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Unit 1 Chapter 2 Res Status Prob (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

3rd Semester:

FAII Intro and Admission of partners Previous Years Problems (Hons.+Gen.) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Problems 1-6 Adm of Partners (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Partnership I Intro-Profit sh ratio (CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Partnership I Intro-GW Treatment (CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Partnership I Intro-Guaranteed Profit (CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Past Adjustments-Problems (CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Add Prob P7 – P 10 Admission (CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Partnership Retirement Problem 1-4_(CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Partnership I Intro-PL App Cap Fixed Fluc (CC3.1Ch,Cg) (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

4th Semester:

Taxation 1 Unit 1- Ch 1 (Hons.+Gen.) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Cash Budget (Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw)

Wage Determination (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Tax Income from Salary (Prof. Binod Kumar Shaw)

Price Discrimination (Prof. Aloka Das)

Social Cost of Monopoly (Prof. Aloka Das)

Monopolistic competition (H+G) (Prof. Aloka Das)

Oligopoly Part 1 (Prof. Aloka Das)

Oligopoly Part 2 (Prof. Aloka Das)

Kinked Demand Curve (Prof. Aloka Das)

Poverty Alleviation Programme in India (GE4.1Chg) (H+G) (Prof. Aloka Das)

Problem of Poverty in India (GE4.1Chg) (H+G) (Prof. Aloka Das)

Assignment Monopoly (Prof. Aloka Das)

Wage Determination under Imperfect Competition (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Role of Trade Union in Wage Determination (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Profit (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Interest (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Loanable Fund Theory of Interest (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Problems of Low Productivity in Indian Agriculture (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Land Reforms in India (Part -1) (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Land Reforms in India (Part -2) (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Green Revolution in India ( Part – 1) (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Green Revolution in India (Part-2) (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Agricultural Credit in India (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Rural Cooperative Credit Institutions in India (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

RRBs and Rural Credit in India (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

NABARD and Rural Credit in India (Prof. Kartik chandra Bhowmik)

Agricultural Marketing in India(Part -1) (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Agricultural Marketing in India ( Part -2) (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Industrial Development in India during Plan Period (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Public Sector in India (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

Role of Service Sector and Growth of Banking and Insurance Sector in India (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

India’s Balance of Payment (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

MSME Sector in India (Prof. Kartik Chandra Bhowmik)

5th Semester:

Taxation II M 1 Unit 1 Prob (Hons.+Gen.) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Introduction to FSA 10 Marks (Hons.+Gen.)  (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

Theoretcal Ques of Unit 2 MI (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

6th Semester:

Tally Lesson & Solve (Prof. Amitava Ghosh)

Ratio Analysis (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)

FFS &CFS (H+G) (Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty)




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