NAAC Re-Accreditated with "B+" Grade


IQAC COMPOSITION (w.e.f. 16.02.2019)
Purash Kanpur Haridas Nandi Mahavidyalaya
Kanpur, Howrah
Pin 711410


Chairperson : Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana. Principal


Coordinator :  Prof. Saranya Sen


As Teaching Members :

  1. 1. Nanda Kishore Mishra
  2. 2. Suvankar Chakraborty
  3. 3. Swati Dey
  4. 4. Puspita Sengupta
  5. 5. Ujjaini Samanta Roy
  6. 6. Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay
  7. 7. Sudipta Chakraborty
  8. 8. Amitava Ghosh


As an administrative officer :

  1. 9. Bijon Biswas, Bursar


As member(s) from the management (GB) :

  1. 10. Tapas Chatterjee


As nominee(s) from local Society/students and alumni :

  1. 11. Saptarshi Ghosh
  2. 12. Rudra Seth


As nominee(s) of the Employers / Industrialists / Stakeholders :

  1. 13. Soumitra Sarkar, Princiapl at Joypur Asnchanan Roy Mahavidyalaya
  2. 14. Atish Ratan Nandi, South Calcutta Clinic, Kolkata


IQAC Meetings held in the year 2019-20:

  1. 1. 06.07.2019
  2. 2. 13.09.2019
  3. 3. 07.11.2019


IQAC Events held in the year 2019-2020:

  1. 1. Workshop on Selection of Appropriate Subjects for 3rd Semester Students (B.A./ B.Sc. General) on 03.08.2019
  2. 2. Faculty Development Programme on ICT-enabled Teaching- Learning with special emphasis on Google Classroom Interface on 07.12.2019
  3. 3. Popular Lecture pertaining to an Extension Activity entitled “Waste to Wealth” on 21.12.2019. Members of Rani Rashmoni Bahumukhi Mahila Samity (Self Help Group) were present to be benefitted from the lecture and the activity.
  4. 4. Faculty Development Programme on “Use of M.S. Excel for Database Management” on 04.12.2019
  5. 5. The IQAC, in association with SMP Network organized an workshop on Mushroom Awareness on 04.01.2020
  6. 6. The IQAC and Career and Development Cell of the college in collaboration with Vanik Institute of Competitive Examination organized a workshop on ‘Preparation for Government Service Examination’ on 04.01.2020
  7. 7. The IQAC and the Academic Sub-Committee of the college organized a faculty Development Programme on the use of Smart Classroom on 18.01.2020


Upcoming Events:

  • Popular lecture on “Relevance of Swami Vivekananda’s Ideas to Contemporary Society and Youth” by Dr Prasenjit Saha on 02.2020


As per a resolution of the GB in its meeting held on 16th Feb 2019 the following persons have been included in the IQAC. This is for information to all concerned.

Meeting Minutes


Best Practices

Two Best Practices (2020-21)


  1. Title of the Practice- Titte of the practice: “ICT enabled Teaching Learning and Office Management”
    Objectives of the Practice
    Quick communication of information to all stakeholders and practiceof IT in teaching learning and also in office management system.
    The Context-
    ICT empowerment programme was started from 2014in our institute. Some important goals were achieved. It serves to satisfy the growing quest for knowledge in the current educational scenario.
    The Practice –
    Teaching, Learning and Evaluation through Google workplace during pandemic period were successfully done . online Feedback system, Communication of staff with principal through emails and official whatsApp Group are in place. Online Admission process, office automation and Library automation are also maintain. Online Add on course were organized.
    Evidence of Success
    In the pandemic period classes and Examination were conducted through online mode including uploading of marks in university portal. Information communication was done through official whatsApp group, email and website for students and staff.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:For every aspect of this practiice, internet connectivity is most important. Some times problems encountered due to lack of connectivity of internet.
The fast and effective communication is the most important impact of this practice.No stakeholder should remain left out of the information sharing process. Thus any information that may be of vital importance to them reaches them effectively even when they are not attending college due to any personal inconvenience or otherwise’

  1. Title of the Practice :E-helpdesk

Objective of the practice:To cater to the students’ needs and queries during the time of institutional closure due to COVID pandemic.

The Context:The COVID pandemic forced the administration to think out of box in order to bridge the last mile communication with the students vis a vis university directives, notices and other communications.

The Practice:The students were given the contact details of the members of the E-helpdesk through a notice and academic, administrative, exam-related issues are divided among the members. The students get in touch with the designated members according to their needs and requirements. The members either address the queries if they are in knowledge of the same or escalate the same to appropriate authority.

Evidence of Success:The students were vastly benefited from the practice as their queries and grievances were redressed at the grassroot and their legitimate anxieties engendered out of the online mode of teaching-learning and evaluation were also easily allayed.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The students need to have access to phone and oftentimes connectivity issues proved to be a problem.


The practice proved to beextremely beneficial to the students. Further, it established a strong connect between the students, teachers and the non-teaching staff members.



Student support

The college has a Career Counseling Cell sponsored by the UGC

Digital Library

The college has a central library that housed learning resources like about 21000 text books


Honours and General Course


Arts, Science and Commerce

Help Line - 03214-250236 / 250941

Quick Contact

Vill - Purash, Po. Kanpur, PS. Amta, Dist. Howrah, PIN. 711410

03214-250236 / 250941

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