NAAC Re-Accreditated with "B+" Grade


1.  Procedure & Policies :

The Governing Body of the college has formed Development Purchase Committee and several other sub-committees for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities like laboratory, library, computers, classrooms and so on. Concerned sub-committees provide information to the Development Purchase sub-committee for purchase and maintenance of support facilities. The Development Purchase sub-committee in compliance with the regulation of Finance Department of Govt. of West Bengal vide Memo no. 5400F(Y), seeks financial approval of the Finance sub-committee and the G.B. For purchase of lab and any other equipment, generator, water purifiers, electrical component and others. The Development Purchase sub-committee invites tenders. Construction, maintenance and repairing of academic buildings, library, classrooms, electrical appliances and other physical infrastructures are done by the committee engaging local construction agency following regulations of the Finance Dept. of the Govt. of West Bengal. However, for the construction of the scheme available from RUSA 2.0 the college entered in an MoU with Howrah Zilla Parishad for executing the construction project. Portion of the fund received under RUSA scheme has been utilized for the renovation and extension of the library, purchase of furniture, books and journals and e-resources, book racks and library upgradation/ automation software and hardware.


2. Classrooms:

The College has about twenty-five classrooms of different sizes including one hall for accommodating large numbers of student. All the classrooms are well -equipped with adequate numbers of light, fan, black or white  board. Some of the classrooms have provision for teaching-learning activity using ICT like laptop and LCD projector.


3. Digital Classrooms:

The College has eight Digital Class Rooms which are equipped with Laptop, LCD Projector, and one virtual classroom with additional special interactive screen and software. Teachers from any department can use these classrooms with prior booking and students enjoy interactive learning in these technology enabled arrangement.


4. Computer Centre:

The College has a Computer Centre dedicated to the students for studying, preparing study materials, typing, accessing emails and also for browsing on the net.


5. Computer and Internet:

Computer Facility: College office and library is fully computerized for all types of work and activity.  All the departments have at least one computer to be  used by the teachers in addition to adequate numbers of computers for the departments in which computer related or dependent courses are taught, such as, the department of Commerce, Mathematics, Physics and Geography.


College has broadband internet connection of a reputed private company. The facility is distributed to the offices, library, computer centre and in all the departments through LAN. College has a plan to make internet accessible to all students through Wi-Fi connectivity.


6. Language Laboratory:

For the betterment of the Communicative and Functional English of the students,  there is one Language Laboratory under the department of English equipped with computers, hearing aids and related software.


7. Seminar Hall:

The college has one seminar hall equipped with laptop, LCD-projector, audio system where seminar and large meetings are organized.


8. Generators:

To provide uninterrupted supply of power the college has installed one 5KW ordinary and oneKW green generators. Depending upon the required power load they are operated accordingly. It is ensured that teaching-learning activity practical classes are not interrupted due power shedding.


9. Drinking water:

College has two cooler cum water purifiers and four water purifiers installed at different locations.


10. Parking:

College has parking sheds for bicycles and motor cycles of the students and staff. In addition to that there is plenty of open space for parking vehicle inside the main gate . Construction of new parking sheds are under sincere consideration.


Student support

The college has a Career Counseling Cell sponsored by the UGC

Digital Library

The college has a central library that housed learning resources like about 21000 text books


Honours and General Course


Arts, Science and Commerce

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